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Hearing Care Professionals We provide a fully automated "prospect to patient"
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Our Patient Engagement Package has been so effective that our clients have seen unprecedented growth.

Recent Client Case Studies

We grew one of our clients from 1 office to 80 in just 3 years
Percentage of increase in new leads for multiple location clients
One of our clients online leads went from 10 a month to 96 per month

Patient Engagement Package

Package Features Include:

Quality eMail and Text Reminders

You choose how to remind your patients and when. Use only one channel or a combination for maximum effectiveness. Also choose which patients, which providers, which locations, and which message you use.

White-Glove Customer Service

We rush to take your phone call and we hustle to answer your questions. Our goal is to keep you engaged with your patients at all times. Relevant Hearing provides a do-it-for-you, full-service marketing solution.

2-Way Texting Power

Every patient becomes more connected to their provider and your clinic with convenient two-way texting. We can text enable your land lines for a quick start. We also train your team; how to use the software and texting best practices.

Hassle-Free 30-Minute Training

All we need is 30 minutes to train your staff how to set up reminders and text your patients. We’ll get out of your way ASAP.

Seamless Office Management Integration

Chances are we already integrate with your existing system, with information passing back and forth. Speak to one of our marketing experts to learn more.

Real-Time ROI Dashboard

Measure everything! With Relevant Local Hearing dashboard you’ll be able to measure the results and track ROI for all of your reminders and patient communication activities.